MoneyWhizz has developed a series of quizzes that have been formulated to assess your current level of financial awareness and preparation. More are on the way. None of the quizzes record your details so you can share and participate as often as you like. Use them to assess your relationship with money and even begin a journey to financial well-being.

Boost Your Financial IQ

We have put together a series of probing and fun questions to boost your financial IQ. So, while we use a quiz format, we also provide educational eplainations on each question, regardless of how you score. Start your Financial IQ journey HERE.

Financial Personality

We all have a financial personality. Some people simplify it down to Saver or Spender. Others make it a little more complex and have up to many different personality types. In this case, we have four; Blue, Red, Amber and Green. The colours donate the level of intervention needed to protect your financial well-being. Start your Financial Personality journey HERE.

Smarter Than A 10-Year Old?

We might like to think kids should be taught about money in schools, as if adults were so smart! But in reality, adults need financial education too. In this short money quiz, we have used questions from the Talking Cents with Ollie financial education magazine for kids aged 7 – 12 (3rd – 6th Class). The Talking Cents programme is available free of charge to Primary Schools across Ireland. So go ahead, see if you can answer the 10 simple money questions that any 10-year old can after they have read Talking Cents with Ollie. Find out if you can beat a 10-year old HERE.

Saver or Spender

Our Saver or Spender 10-part money quiz is an old reliable. In it, we assess on a range of important, relevant topics. Start your Saver or Spender review journey here.

Are You Financially Mature

We have put together this 20-part quiz to help you assess if you have matured financially or if you have a way to go. Use it to examine where you are presently and use the answers and explanations to get you along your journey.

At Home

MoneyWhizz provides families with the resources to discuss money with their children and make better money decisions in life.

At School

MoneyWhizz financial education is available to both primary and secondary schools across Ireland free.

At Work

MoneyWhizz financial well-being seminars are used by leading employers to help employees make informed money decisions.