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Welcome to MoneyWhizz, a leading developer of financial education content for schools and financial well-being in the workplace. Our simple approach to explaining how the money system works and its relevance on a personal level makes learning fun, engaging and rewarding.

Helping families make better money decisions
MoneyWhizz works with schools and employers in the delivery of a dynamic mix of programmes for students (Primary & Secondary school) and at-work employee well-being seminars.

Money knowledge matters

Having a grounded understanding of how the money system works is essential from a personal finance perspective.

At MoneyWhizz, we have developed a dynamic series of financial education programmes for students in both primary and secondary school.

For adults, we work with many leading employers with a range of financial wellbeing seminars.

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Good money skills make a real life impact

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At Home

MoneyWhizz provides families with the resources to discuss money with their children and make better money decisions in life.

At School

MoneyWhizz financial education is available to both primary and secondary schools across Ireland free.

At Work

MoneyWhizz financial well-being seminars are used by leading employers to help employees make informed money decisions.