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Talking Cents with Ollie (V2 - Needs & Wants)

Talking Cents with Ollie Edition 1 discusses some interesting topics such as the history of money and examines how different people may use money in different ways. Edition 1 also has a separate adult / teacher section where they can prepare some money challenges to help kids develop an understanding of the concept of money.

Talking Cents with Ollie Edition 2 discusses Needs and Wants and offers some explainations on each and how getting them right or wrong can have a big impact. Edition 2 also offers adults / teacher a separate feature that can be used to prepare some fun money challenges and ways to eusure kids are learning about managing money.

Edition 1

Edition 2

Ollie V3

Talking Cents with Ollie Edition 3 discusses Budgeting & Managing Money.


Following the successful launch of Issue 1 and 2, Issue 3 deals with some serious money decisions and how kids can reach their money goals using the Money Tracker.



FREE to schools and includes Teacher / Adult worksheets.



Funded by Bank of Ireland


100% Comercial-free