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Leading employers increasingly recognise the importance of providing their staff with a positive work-life balance.


And this is a major reason many are turning to employee assistance programmes that include financial skills as a way of delivering meaningful benefits.  


MoneyWhizz has develped a core set of highly informative seminars designed to simplify, yet inform employees how they can tackle core financial issues including planning for future needs, coping with financial matters today and developing a positive relationship with money.


Seminar topics include:

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Preventing Against Fraud and Financial Exploitation,

  • Retirement Planning

  • Personal Investing,

  • First Time Home Purchase

  • Executive Financial Training

Corporate Employee Assistance Programme
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NEW - We have launched a new Executuve Training course  - 


Finance is the language of business. If one is unable to read and interpret key financial data, they will be at a serious disadvantage. These seminars are designed to provide senior management with a firm understanding of how to read and interpret key financial data. They have benn developed specifically for professionals who do not have a formal background in finance.